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Louisiana residents won't be excited about this news, but Buc-ee's will be expanding once again, and it won't be anywhere near the Bayou State.

The Texas-based road trip legend will be heading north for this expansion. The company has announced they will be opening a location in Colorado by 2024. This new location will be in Johnstown, Colorado, which is in the Fort Collins Metro. Its just north of Denver.

Actually, this Buc-ee's will be so far north, it will almost be in Wyoming. This will probably be the first Buc-ee's that will have to have something about Blizzard Warnings in their handbook.

The furthest north that Buc-ee's officially operates right now is Kentucky. This week they opened a location in Richmond, KY, just south of Lexington. As of right now, Buc-ee's operates in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and of course...Texas. They do have plans to build stores in Tennessee and Missouri soon.

Buc-ee's has enjoyed a massive following everywhere they've opened. The companies scale-per-store, offerings, quality, service, cleanliness, and pride have cultivated this excitement. The companies pay-scale has also been well documented, and has often been pointed to as a major part of their recipe for success. They pay very well, so they get really good candidates, who take pride in their job.

The company hold world records, has foreign fakes, and a massive merchandise catalog. People love to celebrate Buc-ee's either in print or on their shirt. But that love can also lead to some hurt feelings too. Like here in Louisiana.

This state has been begging for a Buc-ee's for a long time. Being that the state shares a border with Texas, and the fact Buc-ee's actually has roots in Louisiana, it seems odd to many here that Buc-ee's stays away. Not just odd, but upsetting. With many voicing their displeasure online whenever Buc-ee's announces and expansion into other neighboring states, like Alabama and Mississippi.

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