Brett Eldredge takes on Today's new segment, "Quoted With Hoda," where he reveals to host Hoda Kotb how he deals with anxiety, and what quotes help him through everyday life.

The singer explains to Kotb that he enjoys reading quotes that impact his life. "I love when I hear quotes from different influential people...just, you know, on the way they look at the world, and makes me look at the world a little differently, it's a beautiful thing."

Eldredge has previously spoken about struggling with anxiety, and how meditation has helped him work through the attacks. He elaborates: "I started getting into meditation more to work on myself. I figured out how much we chase our millions of thoughts; we have a day where we have hundreds of thousands of thoughts. You can either chase down those thoughts or you can see them as they are," he says.

"[Or] you look at them in a different way," he adds. "My life has changed completely different since I started looking at [things] in different ways."

Meditating and learning more about life has changed Eldredge, "It's still the same Brett, but in a different way," he notes. "It's like I learned to love myself more and accept myself, and have happier people around me. Not chasing down the worries and the worst-case scenarios."

Eldredge admits life isn't perfect, and he has less-than-stellar days. However, when he feels anxious he knows what helps him now. "As long as you grow and know that change is a good thing, trying to make yourself better—that's what I'm trying to do. From reading books to going outside when I'm in a tough spot. I'll hang out with my dog or family or write music. Life has really changed for me in that way."

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