Brantley Gilbert is doing something special for veterans on the spring leg of his 2018 the Ones That Like Me Tour, continuing his partnership with Pedigree by awarding service dogs to soldiers who may need them.

The country star will present eight companion dogs to veterans who are selected by the organization Disabled American Veterans. The dogs — serviced by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals — were trained in collaboration with Pedigree and Custom Canine Unlimited (each pup will also come with a one-year supply of food).

Gilbert will present the dog and veteran pairings throughout his upcoming trek, which kicks off April 19 in Lexington, Ky.

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“Nothing helps heal like an animal’s love. These dogs aren’t just good dogs, they’re trained to help their veteran — and new companion — cope with stress, memories and triggers people can’t see and provide them with a sense of solid grounding," "The Weekend" singer says, describing how these animals will be more than just pets.

“Seeing the faces of these vets when their dog comes bouncing into the room melts your heart," he adds. "I know for these families, beyond being the family’s new best friend, these animals are helping heal things for these soldiers in ways nothing else can."

Gilbert has done this before. In February, he gave a service dog to a soldier named Jason Hassinger, who served for five years and spent three tours of combat as a Marine Infantryman overseas and also received a Purple Heart and Silver Star Medal.

The Ones That Like Me Tour runs through October.

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