This video has got me ready to take a road trip!

One thing I love about living in the south is that we are not afraid of road trips. Be it a day or a weekend, we are always itching to put tires on the pavement and explore those cities around us. I've always been curious about El Dorado, Arkansas and after meeting some people from there (who may or may not have also had a hand in this video), I am even more ready to see what all the hype is about. After all, it's less than two hours away.

Things are certainly changing in this town.

The city of El Dorado is building what they are calling a "world class Arts and Entertainment district." It is scheduled to open in September of this year. This will play host to the popular El Do Fest, the El Dorado Film Festival and more. I wouldn't be surprised if popular artists want to play in the new amphitheater soon.

To promote this new district, a team of talented film professionals (who you've also seen compete in Louisiana Film Prize and win) put together this incredible video. It is inspired by and parodies the opening scene from La La Land. If you haven't seen La La Land, you'll still enjoy this video for the entertainment value.


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