I have told my friends several times, I can lose a bunch of weight if I just have someone cook me healthy food and slap the bad food out of my hands!  We all have bad habits that we wish we could beat. Maybe you are a smoker?  Maybe you're an over-eater? The point is many of us have no willpower and that is okay.

For $200 you can purchase The Pavlock on Amazon.  It's a bracelet that will shock you when you indulge in something you shouldn't. You are the one that controls the shocking. Every time you get a craving, you're supposed to hit that a button that sets you straight. Just think. 150 zaps per charge.  All powered through your smartphone app. Unfortunately, if you have a bunch of bad habits, you'll be using this app a lot.

The big factor that plays in is that you have to be honest. You must give yourself a shock every single time you have a craving. After a while, you'll start to associate that craving with horrid pain and shock and, in turn, crave that one thing less and less.