KLTV reports Roseann Sdoia was standing near the finish line after running in the Boston Marathon back in 2013 when the bombs went off. Her injuries cause doctors to have to amputate her right leg but some good came out of that horrible day for Roseann... She met fireman Mike Materia!

Mike was on the scene and rushed to help an injured Roseann even comforting her on the way to the hospital in the ambulance. Mike returned to the hospital to check on Roseann throughout her stay to check on her. The two started dating June of 2013 and now are set to get married!

Mike and Roseann recently released a book called Perfect Strangers, which tells the stories of several people whose lives crossed because of the bombing. And earlier today Roseann despite her amputation ran up 1,500 stairs in the Empire State Building to benefit charity!

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