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There are so many stories and legends detailing just how haunted Shreveport is, but what about the other side of the Red River?  You'll be happy (or terrified) to know that Bossier City has it's fair share of paranormal activities.

Bossier High School is haunted

While researching Bossier City's haunted tales, I came across an obscure KSLA article from 2013 about the otherworldly experiences people have had at Bossier High School.  The report contained several interviews with employees who reported hearing kids running down the hall long after school had closed and all of the kids had gone home.  Staff member Ella Feaster recalled a time when she heard a humming sound coming from the lockers.  When she looked inside the locker it was empty, but she still heard what sounded like "someone humming with their mouth taped shut," coming from the walls themselves!

BHS is only 82-years old.  What was there 70 years before may explain the Hauntings

The home of the Bearkats was designed by architect Samuel Wiener and constructed by James T. Taylor in 1939.  Unlike most of the haunted buildings in our area, it doesn't have a past filled with horrific murders.  What was built at what we now know as 748 Bearkat Lane in Bossier City 70 years before that may shed some light on why ghosts would be here in the first place.

Appomattox Marks 150th Anniversary Of Surrender Of Lee's Army In Civil War
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

In the year 1864, this corner of Bossier City (known at the time as "Cane City") was the location of Fort Kirby Smith.  The fort was a short lived but vital emplacement for the Confederate Army on the banks of the Red River.  It was part of a series of 4 forts and 18 batteries which formed the Confederate defenses lining the waterway.  The fort was abandoned the next year (1865) when the war between the North and the South came to an official close.

Gettysburg Marks 150th Anniversary of Historic Civil War Battle
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Many believe that the last Confederate soldier stationed there never left his post

Like I said earlier, Bossier High School itself doesn't seem to have the sordid past that usually goes hand-in-hand with ghost stories.  War, on the other hand, is full of death pain and torture - the perfect breeding ground for a haunting.  The Civil War was especially brutal.  Could Bossier High's ghost be a fallen Confederate soldier determined to do his duty by eternally manning his post?  We may never know.

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