Quite a power struggle is going on in Bossier City. Shane Cheatham is no longer being considered to be Chief Administrative Officer for new Mayor Tommy Chandler.
Cheatham says he met with Chandler and he could tell things have changed.

Cheatham posted this message on Facebook:

 He looked tired, and he wasn’t his normal self. We did some catching up and we discussed family, our city, and our thoughts and feelings on how things have gone since July 6th.

Cheatham then added this comment about the city job:

The Mayor told me that he doesn’t have the votes to get me confirmed as the city’s CAO, and he doesn’t see that changing. He apologized for putting me in this position. I explained that he was not at fault for this. After all, who would have thought the council would try and block every move he makes. Not all moves have been public like mine, but his City Engineer appointment, denied, his new Public Works Director, delayed, causing the applicant to remove himself. I could go on and list a few others but you get the point.

Cheatham says never before has a Bossier Mayor been greeted with such disrespect.
He claims the city council does not want Chandler to be successful. He also says some council members don’t want South Bossier to be vocal.

Cheatham points a finger at Councilman David Montgomery. He had this message for Montgomery:

I underestimated your power and your ability to turn grown men into puppets. Well done! Your over two decades in the same position has rendered you the most powerful man in Bossier. Too bad it only benefits you and select others and not the future of Bossier City. You have set up every resolution/ordinance to either give the council more power or take away power from the mayor, and your puppets follow your every lead. You are feared by many, but not by me. Maybe that is the real answer to the “Why?”

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