School lunch debt just doesn't sound right.  In my opinion, those 3 words just don't go together.  Regardless of your views on parental responsibility, it's hard for me to see how when we live in a country that grows and throws away so much food every year we could possibly shame or even deny a child over whether they have enough food to pay for lunch at school.

That being said, the sad reality for many kids who come from poor households is that they will receive a reduced and/or cold lunch if any lunch at all when it comes time to sit down in the cafeteria. The problem really is two-fold: First off, these kids need the energy and sustenance lunch (and breakfast) provide to get the most out of their education.  Secondly, kids already bully each other over any and every reason they can find.  Publicly denying them lunch in front of their peers puts a huge target on their back.

That's why I love the campaign led by Ami Moss, Christi Turner, and Terri Levesque in Bossier City.  The group of moms found out that currently, the outstanding lunch debt in the Bossier school system is about $31,000.  Their plan is to eliminate it by the end of the year.

The pair has organized several events to raise money, and have so far raised enough money to knock out the debt in 12 of the 21 elementary schools in Bossier parish.  The push is called Lighting Up Lunch, and if you'd like to help - you can join their next dining event at SoBu Nutrition this Saturday or donate directly.  Find out more here.

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