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Its no secret that Louisiana has some of the worst car insurance rates in the nation. Beyond that, its not a big secret that car insurance companies in Louisiana fight to pay when you do actually have to use it.

There are states who have car insurance rates that are in the same range as Louisiana, like Michigan, California, Texas, Florida, and Kentucky.

But what about specific cities within Louisiana? Is there a big difference between communities? In fact, there is.

The personal finance website WalletHub put together some research to find which cities in Louisiana have the cheapest car insurance rates. They explained why some cities are cheaper than others:

"Some cities in Louisiana have cheaper car insurance premiums than others because insurance companies take a driver’s ZIP code into account when calculating their premium, alongside other factors. For example, drivers who live in dense urban areas typically pay more for coverage than drivers in rural areas because they’re more likely to get into an accident. And if an area has a particularly high theft rate, car insurance may be more expensive due to the risk of vehicles being stolen."

So who has the cheapest car insurance in Louisiana? It's Ruston.

1. Ruston: $801 per year
2. Bossier City: $880 per year
3. Shreveport: $988per year
4. Mandeville: $1,047 per year

It is pretty interesting that a college town, full of young drivers, would have the lowest rate. Its also curious that Shreveport and Bossier City are ranked right next to each other, especially when they are still about $100 a year different.

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