Okay, so I just got off the phone with a friend who is attending the May 14th wedding of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. Of course, I asked him to give me every little detail. . . and the more elusive he was. . . the more interesting the few and  small  details became. He only knows one thing. My "friend". . . we will call him Ray. . . no, that's too boring, lets call him Marco Polo. So, Marco Polo tells me that he is certain that Blake and Miranda will be having a Texas Hill Country ceremony. Marco, along with many other guests are staying in San Antonio and are being taxied to the ceremony location. The guests have not been notified of the ceremony location and will also have their cell phones and cameras confiscated when heading to the event. Super sneaky. Marco did promise to fill me in on all the post wedding details. I can't wait to see photos! Now, let me take you on a quirky video tour of Blake and Miranda. "Cover your stinkin' nasty feet"--Blake Shelton. And then there is this priceless Blake quote "She [Miranda] and I are always going to be miserable together, why not be married and miserable? --Blake Shelton. Feel free to post your wedding wishes!

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