The Bad Lip Reading gang has hit another one out of the park; pun intended for sure.  These guys do an awesome job with the NFL players, coaches and umpires, but for those of us who are real baseball fans, this one is hysterical.

With this season in the bag; congrats Boston Red Sox on your World Series win, "Bad Lip Reading" has rolled the entire 2018 baseball season into one really funny video and some of the quips are nothing short of genius.

From Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora saying, "Mama needs a new hip bone" to San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy begging for fudge, Houston Astros 5-foot-6-inch second baseman, Jose Altuve, denying he sits in a high chair and Toronto Blue Jays Coach John Gibbons declaring, "hurry, I'm holding back a fart", at times you'll catch yourself literally laughing out loud.

This one will make you wish these guys would come to Northwest Louisiana any given weekend in the spring and summer just to hang around the Little League and Dixie Baseball fields to shoot another video.

Course, me might not actually need anything more than what some of the parents say at these games to make the funniest video of all time.

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