With Memorial Day rapidly approaching, I find myself salivating over the thought of sloppy, juicy burgers hot off the grill.

I'm a burger girl through and through. I will trade in a five-course, sit-down meal for a jaw-unhinging, grease-dripping-down-your-arms burger any day. It's the first thing I look for on any menu. So, of course, when I saw Business Insider put together a list of the best burgers across the country, I started planning my pilgrimage to each joint. I know what you're thinking... Business Insider? What do guys in suits know about burgers. Well, the pictures are mouth-watering, so I'm going with it.

To list all 50 of these places would be exhaustive, so I thought we should focus on those that are within arm's reach. The Ark-La-Tex was well represented on this list. Not as well as California and Georgia, who seemed to have several joints featured, but still well enough to produce multiple winners.

Here are the Ark-La-Tex burger hot spots and where they landed on the list...

49. David's Burgers - Little Rock, Arkansas

45. Tookie's - Seabrook, Texas

35. Hugo's Restaurant - Fayetteville, Arkansas

34. The Company Burger - New Orleans, Louisiana

27. Twisted Root Burger Company - Dallas, Texas/Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana

12. Big Orange - Little Rock, Arkansas

8. Rodeo Goat - Dallas, Texas

3. Burger Boy - San Antonio, Texas

1. Hopdoddy Burger Bar - Austin, Texas

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