My daughters 2nd birthday is coming up this weekend and I'm causing a little controversy in my family... I've told them no princess stuff. Honestly I'm a new dad so I might just be overthinking everything but I've always felt like princesses esp Disney Princesses give little girls bad role models.

The newer ones are getting better like Brave and Mulan where girls are shown they can be anyone they want to be and overcome any obstacle. But the more classic roles like Snow White or Cinderella where they rely on others to save them/guide them along are the ones I don't like... And don't even get me started on Pocahontas!

The Washington Post did a study on Disney Princesses and discovered that majority of them have less speaking roles in their own movies than the male characters who play smaller roles. Also the majority of the compliments they receive are about their looks while the male characters are praised for bravery and strength.

Am I overreacting or do you agree? What princesses do you feel make good role models? What are some other good female role models for little girls?

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