In all my years of devouring Chinese food, I never once thought to play those fortune cookie "lucky numbers" in the lottery.

I always enjoy eating a fortune cookie after a delicious Chinese meal. Aside from the fortune, it's the perfect sweet, but not too sweet, note to finish things off. The fortunes do add an element of whimsy to it all. And I'll admit that I've always looked at those lucky numbers at the bottom of that tiny slip, but never thought any more about them aside from if I thought they were accurate or not.

As it turns out, those numbers can be quite lucky.

Just ask this father-daughter duo in Maryland who won a $30,000 jackpot by playing those fortune cookie numbers in the Maryland Lottery. The two had enjoyed a delicious meal before cracking open their cookies. The daughter is a bride-to-be as she joked with her father about winning the lottery to pay for the wedding.

He took that seriously and bought a $20 ticket with those "lucky numbers."

Just like that, they won $30,000. At first glance, they thought it was just $30, but instead it was the jackpot. The bride-to-be plans on using the money on her big day. I wonder if they will serve Chinese food...

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