According to the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office, this was a fatal accident that involved multiple vehicles. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected.


Caddo sheriff’s deputies are assisting Greenwood Police in a fatal accident involving multiple vehicles on I-20 East by...

Posted by Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office on Friday, May 7, 2021




I can't remember many days where we've seen not one but two 18-wheelers on fire in Shreveport-Bossier, but here we are.

A listener submitted a photo a few minutes ago showing an 18-wheeler on the fire in the distance. This incident took place on I-20 heading eastbound at the Greenwood exit. I don't have much information at this point but I will update this article with pictures, videos, and additional information as it becomes available.

As of right now, according to Caddo 911, they have 7 units on the scene at this particular accident. Here's to hoping everyone is safe and the first responders can get that area cleaned up safely and quickly.

It's been quite the day for 18-wheelers in Shreveport-Bossier. Around noon today, another 18-wheeler flipped on its side and caught fire on the Cross Lake bridge heading eastbound. Now, several hours later, they are still on the bridge trying to clean the area with 11 units on site.

I don't know of any day where our area had two similar accidents like this involving 18-wheelers on two major roadways. Any time an 18-wheeler goes down, and certainly, when it catches on fire, you can imagine how incredibly difficult it is to return to the normal flow of traffic, and how long that takes. To make matters worse, both accidents took place at inconvenient locations for our first responders to get to, and also spots that leave those stuck near the accident in difficult positions to get out of or avoid.

We'll update this article once more information becomes available.


I 20 Fire
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