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Every year around this time I'm shocked at how many hunters in Shreveport-Bossier aren't aware of the purple paint law.

In fact, a little over a year ago we shared information on the purple paint law on this website and it quickly became one of our most-viewed articles of the year. As many of us continue to head out in the woods this hunting season, I believe it's important to make sure everyone knows to look out for purple paint, and what it means if you come across the color.

Myself, I'm not hunter. In fact, I have only shot one deer in my life. However, I've already planed two hunting trips this season with my buddies, so the outdoorsman in me is finally starting to show up. Better late than never!

When planning the trips with my crew, I told them about the purple paint law and they had never heard of it either.

Simply put... If you come across anything painted purple in the woods, turn around and get the heck out of there.

The purple paint law was signed into effect two years ago by Governor John Bel Edwards. The law basically means purple paint in the woods is equivalent to a "no trespassing" sign. Of course, when you're out in the woods, it could be easy to wander into someone else's property without knowing, so be on the look out for purple when you hit the trails.

According to the law, the purple paint must be,  in vertical lines not less than eight inches wide and at least three feet above ground." I don't think I'll break out the measuring stick though, if I see any kind of purple, I'm pulling a U-Turn immediately. Better safe than sorry!

Help spread the word and keep our Louisiana hunters safe this season!

Many other states also use the purple paint law for hunters. Here's a news report from Indiana.



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