The History Channel television show 'American Pickers' is coming back to Louisiana in November.  The crew will also be filming in Arkansas.  The news was announced on the show's Facebook page.

I when I heard the news I immediately called my mother. She would be perfect on the show. My mother finds and collects old antique sewing machines that have been unloved and left to waste away. She takes them and cleans them up, and makes them functional and shiny again. My mother even set me up with one of her fixer-uppers. You can check it out in the picture below.

Now they haven't quite nailed down where they are going to be filming in Louisiana and at what time in November, but they are looking for leads to do their picking.

If you think that you have the perfect collection to show off to the guys from 'American Pickers' then there are a few things you need to know.

First, they are looking for large collections of antiques and unique finds.

Second, You can submit your information (name, phone number, location, and description of your collection along with photos) by email to or call (855) OLD-RUST for more information.



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