Hurricane Harvey has been downgraded from a category 4 Hurricane to now a tropical storm. Harvey has cause damage across the Texas coast and looks like it will continue to wreak havoc over the next several days with hundreds of thousands without power, flooding and for some even worse.

But just like anything in life with the bad always comes the good! Thousands are in the area bringing aid to those in need and showing the true american spirit. In a time when protests and hate have become far to common in this country and on social media we are seeing that there's still good in people.

We are also seeing the love that we still have for our country! Aransas Ofc. Jack McCarty braved the storm last night as it was hitting to save an American flag before it was carried off in the winds. Stories like this and stories about all those dropping everything in their lives for the fellow Americans reminds me just how special this country is.

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