Travelers on I-49 in Desoto Parish just north of the Natchitoches Parish line came to a screeching halt earlier this morning.

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No, it wasn't a bad accident. It wasn't a broken down vehicle or any kind of grass fire.

So, what was the cause of this huge traffic jam?


It was a mammoth alligator. And when I say mammoth, I mean Godzilla-ish!

Though, nowhere near the length of the state record alligator, which was killed near Vermilion Bay in southern Louisiana in 1890. That one was reportedly 19.2 feet and weighed around 2,000 pounds.

Just How Big Was The One On I-49?

This one was still nearly as long as a small size pickup truck. According to Desoto Parish Sheriff's Department, this one was approximately 13 feet long and had decided he was just too pooped to continue his trek across I-49 and decided he'd just grab some rest right there in the middle of the interstate.

Obviously, this became a traffic hazard and the Sheriff's Department had to close traffic for a short time while they figured a way to get the alligator out of harm's way.

The Desoto Parish Sheriff's Office Was Able To Take Care Of It Themselves

Apparently, the Desoto Sheriff's Office had the man for the job. According to their latest Facebook post, we see that Deputy Michael Dunn was ready, willing and able to take on the task. (Though maybe it's a little "tongue in cheek", we'd like to think it went down exactly as reported)

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