The charges that were filed were second degree murder and attempted murder. Those were brought against Cardell Hayes the man police believe shot and killed former New Orleans Saints player Will Smith.

Attorneys with the Orleans Parish District Attorney's office appear to moving very slowly and judiciously in the way they are handling this high profile case. At least that is the opinion of legal analyst Tim Meche.  Meche has been following the case closely and he told the Louisiana Radio Network,

He (the District Attorney) could’ve returned a first-degree murder indictment, which would’ve called for capital punishment, and the fact that he didn’t do so tells me he’s decided to treat this case cautiously.

The indictment to charge Hayes was handed down during a preliminary hearing in New Orleans on Thursday. The hearing was to see if there was probable cause against Hayes in the incident.

The lead attorney for Hayes, John Fuller, suggested that prosecutors were trying to jam an indictment down. Especially since the decision to indict was handed down before attorneys for the defense were allowed to question witnesses on the stand. Meche says this is more along the normal lines for court proceedings in cases such as this.

It was always predictable that Leon Cannizzaro would return an indictment to prevent the defense from having the opportunity to question the witnesses.

Mr. Hayes has entered a not guilty plea on four of the charges brought against him. He was also indicted on charges of aggravated assault and aggravated damage to property along with the murder charges. Bond for Hayes was set at $1.75 million and the next court date is set for June 3rd later this year.