Billy Ray Cyrus informed the women of 'The View' this morning that he and his wife of 17 years, Tish, have called off their divorce. You may remember hearing about a recent interview in which Billy Ray cited show 'Hannah Montana' for ruining his family.

Billy Ray reports that not only are he and Tish calling off their divorce, he reports that his life and family is better than ever! Cyrus reports that his marriage and his relationship with daughter Miley have greatly improved, reporting that he feels like he got his little girl back.


During his interview with GQ magazine in earlier this month, a down right depressing image of Cyrus was painted, as the interviewer described the dimly lit room, the lonely empty house and the sullen Cyrus, who claimed at that point in his life that there was "much beyond his control".


Cyrus blames "fame" for the downfall of his family. I don't imagine anyone who has a teenager would argue that raising a teenager is hard enough without the added stresses of celebrity.

Production for 'Hannah Montana' began in March of 2006 (when Miley was just 12 years old) and ended in May of 2010, with the one hour season finale airing January 11, 2011. A marketing empire was built upon the character 'Hannah Montana' and as Miley Cyrus grew up on screen, so grew the turmoil that comes along with fame within the Cyrus household.  Billy Ray of course was no stranger to fame, but I doubt he knew the range of impact that  'Hannah Montana' was going to create. There were 200 million viewers of the show globally in the year 2008.

Now, hopefully the Cyrus family can take a step back, and heal. I recommend a nice long retreat on their 500 acre farm in Franklin, TN and maybe some visits for Miley with her godmother, Dolly Parton. . yes, THE Dolly Parton.

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