One month, Office fans!

I want to lead by saying I am possibly one of the top-10 Office fans on the planet. I'm not like a "get an office tattoo" fan, but I am like a "watch the entire series 30 times" fan. Having said that, I am thrilled to see Netflix's newest work-place comedy, Space Force.

The show was announced over a year ago and immediately had Office fans excited to see what was on the way. The project only made two announcements upon its arrival. The first being that none other than Steve Carell would be starring and producing. The other announcement was that it was also being produced by the U.S. Office creator Greg Daniels. Those two plus the fact that it's another workplace comedy was enough to get any and all Office fans on board.

Now, will it live up to the greatness that is The Office? Probably not. Does that alter our excitement in any way? Also, probably not.

Space Force, based on America's newest military branch established under Donald Trump, will arrive on Netflix on May 29th.



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