Look, we've seen some pretty tragic things take place at concerts lately. This does not rise to the level of those tragedies. But at the same time, we can't let this happen.

During an Alan Jackson concert at the Cajundome in Lafayette, a fan decided it was a good idea to throw a beer at Jackson while he was singing. You can see the beer fly in the video above.

This can't happen for a couple of reasons...first, this is just not being a decent human being. Second, if you want to be allowed near the stage at these type of shows much longer, you're going to have to help police this. Seriously, other fans are going to have to help keep an eye on this kind of thing. If it gets too dangerous for acts, there's going to be no amount of money they'll take to deal with this.

Country fans are better than this, Louisiana music fans and concert-goers are better than this. Let's act like it.

Justin Romero via Youtube.com
Justin Romero via Youtube.com


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