Alabama Republican Congressman Mo Brooks is making waves with a campaign commercial in which he uses audio from the shooting at the GOP baseball game that injured House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

The ad notes Brooks came to the aid of those wounded in the attack at a Virginia baseball park.

Political analyst Dr. Silas Lee gives his take.

"Using an attempted assassination event like this can be risky," said Lee. "Steve Scalise is still recovering and he was critically injured."

A staffer for Scalise had said some people have different ideas about what's appropriate. Lee says advocates for gun rights may not be offended by the spot, but he feels most candidates would not use the audio from the shooting.

"And in a situation like this, the question needs to be asked of Mo Brooks if he would want someone to use him in an ad like that if that happened to him," said Lee.

The ad touts Brooks' support of the Second Amendment, and criticizes the media for asking questions about gun control after the shooting.

Lee says the problem with a commercial like this is that there typically isn't a grey area when it comes to gun advocacy, but it's the middle of the road voters you have to think about.

"Who might not be strong supporters of changing gun laws."

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