If you enjoy movies starring Adam Devine and Seth Rogan, you are not alone.  I have come close to soiling my self on several occasions watching Pitch Perfect and Pineapple Express.  Did you know that the pair can make magic behind the camera as well?  If you have enjoyed the new hit show Preacher, This Is The End, or Workaholics - you've seen the kind of show that these guys can put together.

The latest Netflix, feature length film will pair these two incredibly funny men together for a stoner comedy called "Game Over, Man."  I have a hard time believing this movie will be anything less than hilarious, and it gets better: They have both filed paperwork to film right here in the Bayou State!

This is not the first time these comedic juggernauts have favored Louisiana as a unique project for their projects.  The current season of Rogan's Preacher is set in New Orleans, and Adam Devine has done several projects there as well.

Game Over, Man! is slated for release on Netflix on April 20, 2018.


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