So, two Nashville guys are suing ABC for discrimination. One an ex football player and the other, a multi-business owner, say they auditioned for The Bachelor, but believe they were purposely snubbed. One says he made it to the 2nd round of auditions, but his interview only lasted 20 minutes, while others lasted 45. Why? Because of the color of his skin, and backing it up by 23 Seasons of the combined shows, not having a central character that was not white.

You know, I totally see where they are coming from. I mean, I'm a big girl and you don't see ANY large and lovelies on these shows. What about Big and Beautiful? Voluptuous and Curvy types? I mean, can't all good girls in the world have an orange tan and spend 4 hours on their hair. I'm just sayin...

Then again, I couldn't even get cast on The Biggest what do I know? lol


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