Police spend countless hours training, investigating leads, and otherwise tracking down major drug-running operations.  It's an expensive and time consuming process that sometimes ends in dead ends and no arrests.  Interestingly enough, there is another side to this frustrating and sometimes fruitless endeavor.

Deputies with the Brewer County Sheriff's department found an abandoned SUV on the side of Highway 90 during a joint operation with the U.S. Border Patrol to sweep the area near the border in south Texas yesterday morning.  Although the officers could not find the driver, they did find the late model 4 door Ford Explorer stuffed to the gills with pot.

In total, 1,127 pounds of carefully packaged and wrapped marijuana were recovered from the vehicle.  In addition to the ganja, deputies also recovered the drivers wallet containing his identification.  According to Fox News, investigators are tracking down the wallet's owner as we speak.

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