Have You Gotten a Message From an Old Friend Asking For Your Number?

Be careful it could be a scam.

Have You Noticed Many People Claiming They Were Locked Out Of Their Facebook Page? How Did They Get Their Facebooks Highjacked?

It all starts with a private message from a Facebook friend. They'll ask for your number and when you give it to them they ask you to tell them the code that Facebook sent to your phone. They will claim that they need help with their Facebook page and you're one of the only ones that can help.

So now, the scammers are able to take control of your Facebook account by tricking you into helping them change the password so they can log in.

This message was never sent from your friend. It was actually sent by a scammer pretending to be your friend, either from your friend’s real account or from a clone account.

What Happens If You Go Along With the Scammers Request?

The scammer ends up with your phone number and the Facebook confirmation code, allowing them to change your account password. Then the scammer will log into your Facebook account with the new password and change everything connected to your account. Your phone number, the backup email, essentially they lock you out.

This Almost Happened to Me, I Thought an Old Friend Was Reaching Out and Realzied What Was Happening After a Couple of Messages.

You can see the messages below. I realized what was happening and sent them an incorrect number. If you see this happen to someone make sure you report it ASAP.

Krystal Montez Facebook
Krystal Montez Facebook

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