It's a just released movie called Room 203 and it's getting pretty good reviews. Some great ones, in fact. And a couple other things you may not know. It's scary as hell and it was filmed right here in Shreveport.

According to website, The Ancestry, "the film follows two childhood friends, Kim and Izzy, who become roommates in college. Kim is a newly-arrived college student, and Izzy is an aspiring actress. Their parents have disowned them, and the two girls bond and rely on each other to make it through college and succeed."

room 203 / youtube
room 203 / youtube

Just released, Room 203 is a horror film based on the Japanese novel of the same name. It stars Francesca Xuereb and Viktoria Vinyarska as the pair terrorized by a malevolent spirit. The film also features Shreveport actors Patrick and Susan Kirton and Terry Nelson.

As the two become more and more convinced that their new apartment is haunted, they start to investigate their buildings history and discover an unsolved murder from more than fifty years ago.

Room 203, filmed mostly in downtown Shreveport's Commercial Bank Building, is directed by Ben Jagger, with screenplay co-written by John Poliquin and Nick Richey. It is currently not only in theatrical release, but can be seen on Prime Video, VUDU and Vudu Movie.

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