Back in the not too distant past when there were only three channels on TV and summer afternoons meant playing outside until the Soap Operas were over, there were daytime game shows. This is how I spent my formative years and one of those shows really plays into this story.

Have you ever seen the late "60's early 70's slightly mod TV game show called "The Dating Game"? The premise of the game was this. On one side of a partition there was a bachelor or bachelorette.  This was before the days of the present era TV show with the same name. 

On the other side of the partition were three members of the opposite sex.The single contestant would ask the other three other contestants random questions. Just by their answers and the sound of their voice the first contestant would  then choose,sight unseen, one of the suitors to go out on a date.

Well it appears as if the premise of that TV show actually played more into the male contestant's hands than the females. It would appear, according to science and The Daily Mail, that a man has a unique ability to determine how attractive a woman is based on the sound of her voice.

It seems features like fuller lips and a narrow jaw line translate into a sexy audible presentation of the female voice. Researchers backed it up by having men rate the attractiveness of females based on the sound of their voice. Another group of men looked at pictures of the same women. The two survey groups were surprisingly close in their results.

Women on the other hand were not nearly as successful at matching an attractive voice to an attractive physical specimen. That's because women are strongly attracted to a deeper voice. That's why so many guys on the radio have beautiful deep voices but are uglier than your grandma's feet.