This week just so happens to be an amazing week for science with SpaceX launching the very first Falcon Heavy rocket into space. And then we have this... Smart Fork.

Jordan Minor says in his article on that:

"HAPIfork works like a regular dumb fork. You poke it into food and eat the food off of it, repeating as many times as necessary. The difference is that sensors in the utensil can tell how fast you’re moving the fork, and therefore figure out how fast you’re eating. If you’re gorging too quickly, the fork vibrates and lights up signalling you to stop, or at least feel a little guilty. When you eat at the proper pace you can lose weight and avoid digestive problems."

I wish I could high five Jordan Minor because I feel the same way about this "smart fork". I am all for trying new things to be and eat healthy, but a fork that vibrates to let me know that I am eating too quickly is a little much.

Also mentioned in the article on, the smart fork is Bluetooth compatible which connects to computers or an app that informs you about the nutritional value of the food you are eating. According to the HAPIfork website, the fork measures three things: how long it took to eat your meal, the amount of "fork servings" taken per minute, intervals between "fork servings". If you are wanting to find more details click here.



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