thinkstock/zager[/caption]Businesses come and go, and we wish some of them would come back. Here's a list of the seven once-open-but-now-closed businesses we'd like to see re-open in Shreveport-Bossier!

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    Teddy Bear's Cafe

    Burgers and Teddy Bears!

    Formerly on Barksdale Blvd. not only did they have some of the best burgers EVER, but they also had a restaurant full of teddy bears dressed as your favorite celebrities.

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    Hamel's Park

    Amusement Park

    The log ride, the roller coaster, the go-carts and other rides highlighted this former amusement park off of Clyde Fant Parkway.

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    The Mudbugs

    Professional hockey in the SBC

    These guys, once the toast of the town, skated at the Hirsch as well as the Century Link Center. They were perennial championship contenders and I have no idea why the town couldn't support them enough to stay.

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    The Green Stamp Store

    Free stuff? Yes please.

    Here's how it worked. You went grocery shopping. You got green stamps for the items you purchased. You stuck the stamps in a book. You took the book to the Green Stamps store on E. Kings Hwy. and got free stuff with it. Cool stuff, like dishes or a microscope.

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    Short Stop Burgers

    Great greasy burgers of love!

    There were a couple of these around town, including in Haughton on Hwy 80. Hands down, the best fries and greasy fast burgers I've ever had... still to this day! Rally's and Checker's are doing what Short Stop started.

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    Orange Julius in Mall St. Vincent

    Frothy orange drinks that taste like Heaven.

    I don't know why the Orange Julius store in Mall St. Vincent closed so quickly... the drinks were killer! I think it has something to do with the name. Maybe if they'd named it Orange Cream Drinks from Heaven... they'd still be around.

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    Raise your flag for some more burritos!

    I'm guilty of not going to Pancho's enough for it to stay open. But for quick cheap Mexican food, it doesn't get any better. Raise your table's flag, and hear come more tacos!