After seeing what this little girl ordered, we're not so sure it was an "accident."

Technology is supposed to make our lives easily and for the most part it does. However, technology also brings about some new challenges we never would have worried about before. For instance, back in the old days you didn't necessary worry about your kid spending a ridiculous amount of money on some unapproved items. Parents were pretty much in charge of the finances and the transferring of money.

Fast forward to today.

We have electronic devices all around us that instantly connect us with the world, or more specifically, the store. One mom in Dallas learned that the hard way. According to ABC News, Megan Neitzel's daughter Brooke ordered $162 worth of stuff on Amazon Echo, a voice-activated device. How? Simple. All she did was ask for it. Before her mother could realize what was happening, the transaction was complete and nonrefundable.

Brooke has ordered a Kidkraft dollhouse and four pounds of sugar cookies.

Are we still thinking this was a mistake? I think young Brooke knew exactly what she was doing. Brooke denies ordering anything, but does say that she conversed with Alexa (the artificial intelligence on Amazon Echo) about cookies and dollhouses. Her mother Meagan has learned her lesson saying that she thinks kids know more about technology that we do. She is telling her story as a warning to other parents out there. As for the dollhouse? She has donated it to a local children's hospital. I'm sure the cookies went to a good home too.

Whatever happened to imaginary friends? They never caused us to accidentally order things without permission...

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