We're not exactly sure how you're supposed to get this amount of beer home from the store...

There are lots of reasons we can think of as to why you would need a 1,000-pack of beer. Ok, maybe there's only one. You're having a major party with hundreds of people in attendance. It is wedding season, so cheers to the bride and groom.

Well, reason or no reason, the Finnish brewery Keisari Beer has released a pack of beer that ammounts to 1,000 cans. Seriously, this pack is as big as a refrigerator! How in the world are you supposed to get it home once it is purchased? Actually, don't answer that. I'm sure after sucking down have the pack itself, you could come up with some very creative ideas.

According to Food & Wine Magazine, the pack will cost you $2,300 American dollars. Here's a photo from Keisari's Twitter. It's written in Finnish, but we're assume it says "Massive beer pack now available!"

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