We have had a blast playing Tracyoke, where we play you 7 seconds of a popular Tracy Byrd song and you have to sing the next 7 seconds of the Tracy Byrd song. The idea sounds easy, one thing we have had to remind ourselves of is that if you don't sing it often, you quickly forget the lyrics! We want you to be able to sing along to Tracy Byrd's greatest hits when you see him at Diamond Jacks on Sunday, February 17, 2019. Here are our top 5 Tracy Byrd Songs!

"The Keeper of the Stars" - If you got married from 1994-1997 and this wasn't your first dance song, you ain't living right!

"I'm From the Country" - This is a song you need to listen to full blast. Kind of feels like he's singing about the Ark-La-Tex!

"Don't Take Her She's All I Got" - Talk about a man putting it all out there! Whoever that friend was, he isn't a great friend if he's about to take your woman!

"Watermelon Crawl" - We have all been there, don't drive after you've been sipping on some sweet red wine, instead, do the "Watermelon Crawl" or call an Uber or Lyft!

"Holdin' Heaven" - If a man compares dancing with you to holding heaven, MARRY HIM!

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