If you went to school in Louisiana at some point in your education career you were subject to a course know as Louisiana History. It is a good course to have participated in if you ask me. Learning about where you come from can be a great catalyst to taking you to where you want to be.

I was recently perusing the world wide web of misinformation, that's the Internet to most of you, and found an interesting narrative that was composed by the good folks at movoto.com. They had compiled a list of 50 Things you probably didn't know about Louisiana.  It's a good read, so do check it out.

I borrowed five of my favorites to tell you about in this piece.

1. Did you know the guy who first bottled Coca-Cola lived in Monroe? Joseph Biedenharn actually owned a small bottling plant in that city. After a few years of living in Monroe he teamed up with Jack Daniels so he could forget that he was living in Monroe. I can't blame him.

2.Did you know that the first opera performed in the United States was performed in Louisiana? It was performed in New Orleans in the year 1796. Nowadays when people in New Orleans hear screaming of any kind they just assume that one of those real people dressed as statues in the French Quarter just scared somebody.

3.Did you know that Canal Street in New Orleans wasn't supposed to be a street? It was supposed to be a Canal but it never was built. Some people speculate that the company hired to dig the canal perpetrated another Louisiana tradition, they took the money and ran.

4.Did you know the official drink of Louisiana doesn't contain alcohol? Well in its natural form it doesn't but it could contain growth hormones and other chemicals. That's because the Official State Drink of Louisiana is milk.

5.Did you know that Marie Laveau had a day job? When she wasn't being the Voodoo Witch Queen of New Orleans, she was a hair dresser. That's right you could have had your hair styled by Marie Laveau. If you did, don't ever complain about the way it looked.

There's a lot to learn about our great state and since you can travel from one side to the other on a weekend trip it makes sense to get out and explore. I hope you'll get out and see what so many visitors from other states and other lands are coming to experience. The most unique state in the union with the best food and the friendliest people. It's our Louisiana.

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