Are you trying to find love in all the wrong places? Has dating not been kind to you? There are some things you can do that may help you out. Who knows maybe you can find true love by checking these things out! Here are some science-backed things you can do to make someone fall madly in love with you.

1. Get a dog. According to the University of Michigan, women will most likely to want a serious relationship if a guy has a dog because it shows they can handle commitment.

2. Go on a coffee date. The first date, head to Rhino coffee or Starbucks. A study at Yale found that if the person across from you is holding a warm drink, they're more likely to say that you have a warm personality. Winning!

3. Care about the environment. A 2016 study found that people who make luxury purchases are seen as more attractive. However, this lasts a short time compared to someone who takes their own bags to the store and someone who doesn't litter. Go green!

4. Play an instrument. Who cares if you totally suck at it. A study conducted in France showed that women prefer a man who can play an instrument as they were more likely to give their phone number to a guy holding a guitar case. Just walk around with a flute or something, phone numbers will come your way.

5. Wear red. In this case, red means GO! A Slovakian research study claims that women who wore the color red were more successful in mating-game scenarios. Sexual signaling can be the thing to thank because women use the color red to attract potential mates. I guess we are exotic birds, aren't we?


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