The last time the city of Kilgore, Texas had any type of Fourth of July celebration was in 1987. For several years Kilgore residents have wanted to celebrate Independence Day in their own city with fun for the family and a fireworks show. City Manager Josh Selleck had a lot to do with reviving the 4th of July celebration in Kilgore. Selleck had been asked by several residents and city council members about bringing a 4th of July celebration to Kilgore in order to avoid having to drive to other towns. The East Texas town was persistent, and that persistence paid off!

"This community event was a pleasant surprise for our family. It was family oriented but people of all ages and walks were there. It was well controlled and felt like an old fashioned small town get together, something that I think was greatly needed and obviously appreciated by the people of Kilgore. Watching parents dancing with their children, lots of laughter, great music, and then a tribute to our servicemen which sent a quiet respect over the entire event followed by a fabulous fireworks display. I hope this is the beginning of a new tradition!" said Cindy Hudgins an attendee of the Independence day celebration. Dagnabbit Band performed and had people off their feet and dancing, Mike Adams of MPA Fireworks in Tyler donated fireworks for the celebration.

Cindy Hudgins
Cindy Hudgins

Congratulations to Kilgore for being able to bring back such an amazing celebration back into their community!

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