I grew up going to College games which I've seen ACC, SEC and Conference USA games at home even going to the ChickFilA Kickoff game in Atlanta. Nothing beats a home game for college sports which makes it very difficult for a bowl game to create the same atmosphere. This was my third bowl game and I must say I'm beyond impressed with the Independence Bowl!

Now yes it would had been nice if the game was warmer but there's nothing anyone could do about that. The pre game atmosphere was unlike any bowl game I've ever attended. Usually with most games played at NFL stadiums the pregame parties are held at local bars but that wasn't the case here because the I-Bowl is held of course at the fairgrounds. There were party areas everywhere including one's perfect for the entire family.

My school (NC State) wasn't playing in the bowl this year but my daughter and I had a blast and will for sure be back next year. Had it not been for the rain we would had been at the parade and pep rally the night before but from the videos I've seen it looked like a blast for everyone! Having the Mardi Gras style parade before the pep rally is a perfect way to make the Independence Bowl a unique experience for the schools which is important for bowl games.

I spoke with several Southern Miss fans who had drove to town for the game and they all were having a blast and had nothing but good things to say about Shreveport. I can't wait for 2018 but hopefully it'll be a little warmer!

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