The search for 2-month old Elijah is finally over.  Around midnight on Sunday, the child went missing when a friend of the family was watching him.  According to KSLA, 25-year-old Keyshaun Wilson was a friend of the family.  He was watching little Elijah when the child began to cry.  Keyshaun reportedly took him to the kitchen to fetch a bottle for the boy and just disappeared.

Investigators discovered that Keyshaun left with the child, and walked down U.S. Highway 371 toward I-20.  From what we understand now, Mr. Wilson abandoned the child under the overpass on I-20 at Exit 47 at Sibley sometime around 3 am. Reportedly, he placed the child under the overpass, then hitched a ride into Shreveport to hit the casinos.

When Keyshaun arrived at Sam's Town casino, he allegedly bragged to a homeless man that he had abandoned the child.  The man reported the incident to the police right away, who tracked down Mr. Wilson immediately.

After initially denying that he knew anything about the missing child's whereabouts to Shreveport Police, Keyshaun finally admitted that he had done something very wrong. That statement caused quite a bit of alarm, then Mr. Wilson told officers exactly where he had left baby Elijah.  The SPD were able to relay the child's location to Minden Police, who found the child sleeping around 7 am yesterday morning wrapped in a blanket perched on a ledge just inches from danger.

Elijah was returned to his parents with few minor scratches, and was checked out at Minden Medical Center.  Wilson is currently being held at the Webster Parish Jail in Minden on a charge of aggravated kidnapping.

Keyshaun Wilson - SPD
Keyshaun Wilson - SPD

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