It's not everyday you're driving down the road and you see an 11 foot alligator. That's exactly what happened to Parish Police Jury Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit Officer William Mott. Luckily for many people in the area Officer Mott was quick to act and called a contractor that specializes in removing pests. "I guess you can call that a real serious pest" said Pat Culverhouse with Bossier Parish Police Jury. The serious pest measured a crazy 11 feet 6 inches, we can only imagine how much he weighed. "He would make a heck of a speed bump" said Culverhouse.

The monstrous alligator was found a quarter of a mile away from Elm Grove Elementary school on Monday. "When an alligator gets that large it's too dangerous to relocate" added Culverhouse. I can't imagine letting my 9 pound shorkie go out to use the restroom and instead she becomes dinner for an alligator. Thankfully Officer Mott's quick thinking kept many children and pets safe.

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