This couple will stay together 'til death do them part.

A 106-year-old Brazilian woman has become the oldest person to get engaged when her 66-year-old boyfriend popped the question last weekend.

Yes, she's 106 and he's 66 -- she's a cougar. This is the most romantic Valentine's Day act since Cupid got diapers.

The couple got engaged during a ceremony at their retirement home, even though doctors told them tying the knot was not a good idea after they expressed their desire to live in a house together.

It will be the first marriage for bride-to-be Valdemira Rodrigues de Oliveira -- known as Valda -- and her young buck, Aparecido Dias Jacob, neither of whom has any children.

The couple met in 2014 at the home and hit it off. According to Jacob:

I fell in love with Valda from the moment I saw her. I know she’s a little older than me, but that doesn’t matter because she makes me really happy."

Valda, meanwhile, glows when talking about her man. “I fell in love with him," she said. "I like him a lot. If he died, I die too." It's so sweet that we're going to bypass the joke that she's lucky she didn't break a hip when she fell in love with him.

There's no word when they'll actually marry, but, considering she was alive when World War One broke out we vote for not holding out for a summer wedding.

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