Here we are just a little over a week away from Thanksgiving and all too often we forget to be thankful for some of the most obvious things in our lives.

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We're almost flip about the way we thank the Creator for our families and friends.

We try to remember to throw in a casual word of thanks for our good health and the blessings we've received over the past year.

However, there are several things that really go unnoticed and certainly unmentioned when it's time to say grace before we sharpen the knife and begin the turkey carving process.

One of those things is just the real blessing of waking up every day right here in the Bayou State.

Sure, we get a lot of things wrong, but there are so many positive aspects of being blessed by God to live in Louisiana that we take for granted.

I can hear you now. Okay, big boy, name one. I'll go you one better, or make that nine better.

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