Here in Louisiana, we have our own unique standards by which fair play is judged. While the law is the law, it's the interpretation of the law that determines whether we get fined, do time, or give more than half of our stuff to our former spouse. When it comes to the law in Louisiana Morris Bart is not only a respected name but a well-known proponent of the rights of the individual. His website also has a sense of humor when it comes to some of our unique Louisiana laws.

1.You may not put a bed to the “ultimate test” before buying it. For millennials, I suppose the "ultimate test" is how does it feel to lay down on it while looking at their phones.

2.Television reporters may not throw doubloons, trinkets, or other throws to the crowd during a parade. So, which TV personality is going to have the most interesting night in prison after we bust them for doing this on Mardi Gras?

3. In the town of Sulphur, it is illegal to be an alcoholic. That's why God made Moss Bluff so we'd all have a place to go and a reason to drink.

4. In the town of Carencro, there is currently a ban on cowbells. This makes it harder for the men to find dates but it's a lot quieter.

5. In the town of  Abbeville, you may not roller skate on the sidewalk. But at least you can still be an alcoholic that wears a cowbell.

6. Goatees are illegal unless you first pay a special license fee for the privilege of wearing one in public. This law should include the "man bun" as well.

7.In New Orleans, you may not fall onto a sidewalk and block it while being drunk. It's still okay to occupy a gutter until you are either collected by a garbage truck or devoured by rats.

8.Snoring is prohibited unless all bedroom windows are closed and securely locked. Snoring is permitted during conference calls, political speeches, and press conferences held by Sean Payton.

9.“Fake” wrestling matches are prohibited. I guess when New Orleans hosts Wrestlemania 34 the police are going to be pretty busy enforcing this one.

10. New Orleans Saints fans may be surprised to find out that in Louisiana, it’s a crime for fans at a sporting event to insult or disparage the players. I guess we're all going to be fitted for an orange jumpsuit based on this one. We would probably all still be doing time on our Tebucky Jones comments.

So, how many years in Angola are you looking at? These are just some of the legal oddities we discovered that are still on the books in our state. Okay, the vast majority of them are not strictly enforced but you know something really strange had to happen for somebody to decide "there ought to be a law".

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