The summer is here, and it's already a brutal one this year. The humidity is at some of its highest levels in years, and since we had no real winter this past season, the ground has remained warm.

It's no secret that I hate the heat, and I will do pretty much anything to avoid it. That usually means staying inside the house and soaking up air-conditioning while watching old Dr. Who episodes.

Truth be told...I need to go outside every once in a while. We all need a little sunlight and fresh soup...I mean our life. Swimming is a great outdoor activity that keeps you cool while soaking up some Vitamin D. But I don't have a pool...nor do I know anyone that does.

But...I do know someone with a lawnmower and 1000 sqft of plastic. (Don't Ask)

Perhaps I can ask if we can set this up in the back yard of Townsquare.