The summer is bearing down upon us like a 100 degree heavy thing. Thankfully, we in Louisiana know a few ways to beat the heat. I prefer, personally, to stay inside and never go anywhere...ever. I tend to run out of food and toilet paper, so I am forced to travel outside the confines of my air-conditioning to seek out these necessities.

Like I said before, we can think of plenty ways to cool ourselves off in the summer, and one of the best ways is eating some cold watermelon. When the fruit is nice and ripe, that sweet, red flesh will turn any hot day into near paradise. Especially if you can fit inside the watermelon.

Just like this baby.

He or she has the right idea. Just get in the thing, and eat to your heart's content.

Unfortunately, there are few grown up sized watermelons that adults can enjoy in this manner, so we will just have to live vicariously through this wee child.

Rock that watermelon, baby!