This Sunday is Father's Day.  It's the one day of the year that kids will actually stop what they're doing, look Dad square in the eye, and thank him for all he's done. 

It's totally mind boggling to think that a Dad will spend countless hours playing catch with his son, help him with his swing, repair windows broken by flying baseballs and attend untold thousands of practices and games, only to have that son get on television as a major leaguer and mouth, "Hi Mom."

It's just the way things are, and Dads, although a little grudgingly, have accepted their role for years.  But, because of that unintended, misplaced acknowledgement, it's not often a totally accident when Dad completely embarrasses his kids.

And because of Dad's ability to make his kids want to crawl under a rug, a new survey reveals that teenagers will stay an average of 22 feet away from their dad when they're in public.

And here are the Top Five Things Dads Do That Embarrass Kids The Most

1.  Dancing in public.

2.  Singing in public.

3.  Dressing like a dad.

4.  Telling bad jokes.

5.  Trying to be cool by using young-person slang.

So Dad, it's not just you!  Most all kids have been embarrassed by Dad at some point.  Even Jeff Foxworthy's kids get embarrassed by him.  Take a look at this hilarious video...and ENJOY YOUR DAY this Sunday!  Happy Father's Day!