This morning we started a brand new weekly feature called "That's How This Man Sees It". It's basically a quick look at what's going on in that weird world that men live in.  Here's a look at the first installment.

Well, I ain’t Mike and I certainly ain’t Magic…and even though I can 2 step with the best of ‘em, the only time my dancing was ever exotic was when I had a bad case of Montezuma's revenge down in Tijuana.   And I guess that’s my gripe.  Women by the thousands are paying 10 to 12 bucks a head to sit in overcrowded movie theatres to watch a few of those sissy Hollywood types shake their booties and call themselves “real men”, while guys like me are all around ‘em and we have a tough time getting those same women to pay us a compliment.  I guess there’s nothing really “sexy” or “wild” about us.  We’re just kind of “plain”.  We’re those guys who coach little league baseball teams, we fight fires, we chase boogie men out of closets, we bring roses on Valentine’s Day, we paper train puppies, pay for college, fix flat tires, and we’re the ones who always say the blessing at supper.  Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum and those other guys might be sporting some six pack abs and a tan, but have they ever watched a 9 year old take his first buck?  Yeah they drive women absolutely nuts with their dance moves, but I don’t think a “real man” would ever be caught dead with dollar bills stuck in his BVD’s…unless the ONE WOMAN who really trips his trigger asked him to do it…and for her, he’d do anything.  For her, he’d jump on a plane, leaving her and the kids on the runway, headed for Afghanistan to fight an enemy he’d never met.  He’d grab a baseball bat and wander through his totally dark home at 3am to take on whatever went bump in the night.  For her, he’ll spend 10 hours Christmas Eve cussing under his breath while he tries to decipher the instructions to assemble a 10 speed bicycle.  He’ll play “Tea Party” with a 5 year old girl or swallow all his pride and drive off the car lot in his brand new mini van.  No…we’ll never get featured in a movie and our idea of “50 Shades of Grey” is the life cycle of our T-shirts…And probably no woman is ever gonna fantasize about us, but I’ll go to my grave believing that “when it’s broke, it’s stuck, it’s lost or it needs replacing” it’s this “real guy” who’s gonna get the call.  We’d spend more time in the gym and in the tanning booth, but it’s hard to work those things in between football or soccer practice and the “Father/Daughter Dance”.

It’s guys like us who truly understand the value of being a “Daddy” and know what it feels like to have a woman look into our eyes and say “I Love You and I Respect You” without ever uttering a word.  Might not cause women to faint or throw their panties at the movie screen, but lots of women pray their little girls meet a guy just like us.  Course, that’s just my opinion and that’s how this man sees it.