Shreveport City Pools are Open!
I thought I was going to melt yesterday afternoon when I walked outside and seeing how I don't have a pool anymore, I would have stuck my head in one of my horse's water tanks for relief!
You Won’t Believe How Many People Pee in Pools
Summer is a time when many people take to swimming pools, both public and private. But before you put on your suit and dive in, this might give you pause: a new survey found one in five adults admit that at some point, they’ve peed in a pool.
Funny Underwater Dogs [PHOTOS]
This is gonna make you smile! These dogs look as if they are on the attack, but no, these pups are diving in after their favorite toys and it is down right hilarious. My favorite is the black lab with the intense eyes. Enjoy!
Shreveport Bossier Public Pools
I've been asked a few times about where the area public pools are, the hours of operation, fees, etc. So I have compiled a list of the area pool with all the details you should need to keep cool this summer! Feel free to add your favorite swimming hole to the list!